Custom Rifles

Not only do we provide full-line rifle gunsmithing services for bolt action rifles, but we also build complete rifles. Many Whidden Gunworks built rifles have proven to be winners in major competitions in many classes, as well as being national record holding rifles.

With over ten years of winning long range competitions (600 to 1000 yards) under his belt, owner John Whidden has learned over time, what it takes to build a rifle capable of consistently winning, even when 250 shooters are vying for the trophy.

All of his long range precision rifle knowledge and proven techniques he’s learned and mastered, go into every rifle he builds for hunting, competition, or tactical rifles. Many of the rifles can be “crossovers”, meaning they can serve the shooter in more than their primary role.
They all come with a 3/4 MOA elevation guarantee at 1000 yards, with suitable handloads. How well they shoot as far as windage, is up to the shooter’s ability to “dope and cope” with changing wind conditions at extreme range.

If your shooting ability is up to the task, let John Whidden build you a rifle capable of dropping game at long range, winning national matches or setting new records. Delivery time right now is running around six (6) weeks - after receiving the major components.

Call us today to discuss your dreams and desires for an extreme precision rifle, for tactical, competition or hunting use.  Custom Rifle FAQs