Case Gauge

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Whidden Gunworks is pleased to offer Case Gauges to compliment your handloading process. The Case Gauges can be used to determine your own rifle’s headspace and whether or not it falls within SAAMI specifications. Additionally they can be used to determine the headspace of factory ammunition or hand loads and see how they compare with your own chamber. The Case Gauges also can give you information on how to adjust your resizing die to give the optimum amount of shoulder setback during sizing.

The Case Gauges feature all stainless steel construction. They have easy to read markings and they are calibrated using actual Pacific Tool & Gauge headspace gauges. Most Case Gauges will work with several cartridges, so please see the compatibility chart for more information on choosing the right Case Gauge for your application.

Click for Case Gauge Chart

Custom Case Gauges

We carry a full line of Case Gauges for popular calibers. If you don’t see the Case Gauge you need, we can custom build you one with your supplied Go Gauge.  Turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks and the cost for a Custom Case Gauge is $87.50 plus shipping.   

Ship your Go Gauge to:

Whidden Gunworks
ATTN: Custom Die Dept
PO BOX 969
Nashville, GA 31639 

Please don’t forget to include your contact information.



  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product. Should last a lifetime. Very useful in setting up your resizing die.

  2. Bob Lindquist (verified owner)

    Whow! Nice product and so easy to use. setting sizing dies with a caliper setup was ok but using the Whidden case gauge made it real simple, quick and actually fun. I will be ordering others for my other calibers.

    thumbs up WhiddenGun Works

  3. vargetman

    The Case Gage is a well made tool. It is easy to use, well thought out tool. It uses the datum line for the cartridge also. In my opinion it,s the only way to measure correct head space Very easy to set up a die with the tool or to check your head space on your brass or to set your die up with. It is a must have tool for the reloader. I will in the future order for other calibers. Great job Whidden Gunworks. Good people to talk to and deal with.

  4. funnyfarm29709 (verified owner)

    I bought this gauge so I could see if I was anywhere near the desired 2 thousandths of set-back when I full length resize. With this tool I know exactly where I am and exactly how far I need to come back. Now I need the click adjustable Whidden FL sizing die to get the results I’m looking for. Nice polished finish, nice calibrations, Very nice tool.

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