Barnard Model SC Action


* The Barnard SC is a special order action. Please contact us to place your order. (229) 686-1911

The Model SC action is A cylindrical Remington 700 type action, with the same diameter receiver, mounting screw position and bolt turn position as the Remington 700 short exterior configuration. But in the Barnard three lug configuration and so "not a drop in" for the Remington 700.

As a three lug action the arc of bolt operation is shorter and the port is a different size and position. the length of the action is 10mm longer at the barrel end than the Remington 700 short action.

The S series actions were designed as target actions to take Remington 700 aftermarket triggers etc. they are more often than not fitted into Remington style Stocks. Very little work is needed to have the action fit the various 700 stocks.

a Single shot action derived of the Model S, with customized Bolt and Port configurations as follows-

  • Right Bolt / Left Port (pictured)
  • Left Bolt / Right Port 
  • Bolt face available in .223 and .308
The action receiver is of 4340 chrome/moly/nickel steel through hardened to 38Rc and finish machined after surface hardening to ensure concentricity. The bolt is casehardened EN39b, ground and machined after hardening to ensure straightness and concentricity. The bolt lugs are hand lapped to the matted receiver. Sako Type extractor and is equipped with a bolt face plunger style ejector.

We supply this action with a trigger hanger to suit either Timney or Jewel triggers, or with a blank hanger to be modified to the trigger of your choice (such as any "Remington style" clone). This action is supplied as standard with no trigger, but please specify which hanger you require when ordering.

Recoil Features

  1. A Remington type lug between receiver and barrel.
  2. Use of a recoil spigot from the action (1/4" X 28 cap screw with the head machined concentric) which fits into a steel bushed hole in a 6061 aluminum bedding block that has been machined to provide 2 parallel points of contact on the action.

Model SC Details

 Receiver Length207mm (8.15")
 Receiver Diameter34.5mm (1.359")
 Bolt Diameter20mm (0.787")
 Bolt Stop"Push" side lever.     (Stop length adjustable for greater throw length)
 Barrel Thread1 1/16" UNF X 16TPI
 Bolt Face.223 to standard .308
 Striker Tip Diameter1.6mm (.062")
 Action Mounting2 X 1/4" UNF at Remington spacing
 Standard SC Action Weight
Twin Port SC Action Weight
1.061kg / 37.426oz             (with Timney Trigger 1.150kg / 40.565oz)
1kg / 35.274oz                    (with Timney Trigger 1.09kg / 38.448oz)
 Lock Time1.9 milliseconds seconds
 Loading Port Length73mm (2.87")
 Sight MountingDrilled and tapped (M4) to suit most sights.
e.g. Central, Redfield, RPA, Warner
 Rail MountingDrilled & tapped (M4) for our full length scope rails
 FinishBlue/black as standard.