Accuracy International Coopermatch Palma Master

$ 6,490.00

Available is this unique Accuracy International Palma Master. This rifle has a storied and documented history. Not only did it formerly belong to the Army Marksmanship Unit, the rifle was used by one of the AMU members to compete in the World Long Range Championships (the international Palma Match) in 2003.

There can be little doubt of its accuracy given that it was chosen for use in this match. The rifle has the original .308 caliber barrel and is in the original stock. It uses the same AI trigger as the rest of the line. The cheekpiece was changed by the AMU shop so that it is easier to adjust than the original design. The action is a single shot 6 lug action that is very similar to the AW actions in many ways, but was exclusive to the Coopermatch line of rifles. Malcolm Cooper, one of the founders of Accuracy International, is the namesake for the Coopermatch line. While AI is well known for their world class sniper rifles, Malcolm was an Olympic shooter and few people even know of the target rifles they built in the earlier days of the company.

Letter Documenting Rifle’s History

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