Bix’n Andy Rem700 Two-Stage Benchrest Trigger – Top Safety (Left or Right)

$ 470.00

  • Removable Bolt Release
  • Low trigger pull for a precise shot
  • Easy installation without modification to your rifle ***
  • Very short lock time
  • Easy external adjustment of sear and trigger weight
  • Top Safety (Right or Left Configuration)

    *Orders accepted from US residents only.

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The Bix’n Andy Two-Stage Competition trigger has been the most exciting new product in rifle shooting for some time. It is based on the record-setting Bix’n Andy benchrest trigger but has two independent stages, instead of one. The pull weights of each stage can be set entirely independently and the shooter can adjust the travel of the first stage from 0 to 7mm.  Previously this trigger only came with no safety, but is now available with a top safety.

The Bix’n Andy Two Stage trigger can be used as a single stage trigger as well with adjustable pull weight. The minimum pull weight on the first stage can be set to 5 grams and 20 grams on the second stage. Maximum total pull weight can be set at 650 grams or 23 ounces.

Bix’n Andy triggers were in the winners circle at the 2013 NBRSA Nationals and the 2013 World Championships in Australia. More and more top shooters are making the move to this exceptional upgrade for their rifles.

*** All installations of this trigger must be carried out by a competent gunsmith and with weapon unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Failure to adhere to this warning can result in serious injury and/or death ***


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