Cutting Edge Bullets – CurRx – 32 Grain -22LR Bundle – (200)

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200 bullets + 200pc of primed brass

Introducing the Cutting Edge Bullets CuRx™ monolithic, lathe turned 22lr bullets. These 32gr lathe-turned, solid copper bullets are designed for use in all standard twist rate 22lr barrels. Comes with 200 32gr bullets and 200 pieces of primed, spun brass.

Featuring Cutting Edge’s patented Sealtite® band and patent pending double driving band design, the CuRx™ are bound to be your new match grade, 22lr pills.

*This is NOT complete, loaded ammunition*

*If using brass other than the supplied brass, these bullets may not be a compatible fit 

Item is NOT compatible with Bergara B14R chambers.

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