Non-Bushing FL Die Set + Expander Ball Kit

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Take advantage of this discounted bundle of our Non-Bushing FL Die Set and Expander Ball Kit in the caliber of your choice.

Non-Bushing Full Length Die Set

Expander Ball Kits


This bundle combines our Non-Bushing FL Die Set and our Expander Ball Kit.

All of our die sets include a shoulder datum collar (shoulder bump gauge) to measure shoulder bump and headspace. They also include a pin retainer should you chose to use your sizer without the expander. The wide knurling on the die and lock ring make small hand adjustments simple. The set includes the micrometer adjustable seating die, the die has flutes for precise hand adjustment at the bench. The depth increments are easily read and will stay that way for years of use. Inside the die a sliding sleeve system helps to improve concentricity – a must for repeatable precision.  The tolerances of the Whidden Standard Die Set give a repetitive measurement time after time.

The Whidden Gunworks Expander Balls typically allow the shooter the opportunity to adjust the neck tension from .001″ to .005″. The Expander Ball Kit comes with five Expander Balls. Each kit includes an Expander of the chosen caliber and decreases in size by .001″. Example: If an Expander Ball Kit for .243 caliber is ordered, the kit would include Expander Ball sizes .243, .242, .241, .240 and .239.


  1. sykes.478 (verified owner)

    thanks, I brought the kit with the expander balls, Great 6.5 creedmoor set. I finally got the repeatability I was looking for. Shooting is much more enjoyable again.

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