Simple Seater

$ 64.99

Whidden Gunworks Simple Seater die offers flexibility beyond other dies.  One of our Simple Seaters covers multiple cartridges with one die.  Purchase a Simple Seater for the caliber of your bullet and now you can seat most any cartridge of that caliber.  For example, our .308 caliber Simple Seater will seat .300 Blackout and .300 Remington Ultra Mag making your investment go much further.

Each Simple Seater can also easily be converted to a different caliber using our Simple Seater Caliber Conversion Kit.  If you already own the Simple Seater in .308 caliber as mentioned above, a .264 Simple Seater Caliber Conversion will allow you to seat many more cartridges such as 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC. 

Should you want to upgrade your Simple Seater with a Micrometer Top for easy adjustment, that can be found here.

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