Arbor Press Seater

$ 123.99

Whidden Gunworks has modernized the Arbor Press Seating Die.  We have a number of features on our die to make it easier to read, easier to adjust, and improve the overall use of our die.

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Many people choose Arbor Press seaters because of the ability to feel the bullet seating process so well.  It’s well known that consistent bullet seating force and consistent neck tension play vital roles in accuracy.  The ability to feel bullet seating force is often masked by the leverage that modern reloading presses have.  With our Arbor Press Seating Dies you can use a low leverage arbor press to feel the seating, or even seat with the heel of your hand for the ultimate in sensitivity.  When you seat your bullets with our Arbor Press Seating Dies you’ll know that each one seated just like the others.


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