Custom Rifle Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long does it take to manufacture a custom rifle?

Answer: The length of time to complete a custom rifle depends on availability of the necessary parts. Once all required parts are at Whidden Gunworks the time usually runs around 6-8 weeks.

Question: What are some of the custom services available?

Answer: Whidden Gunworks is a full line machine shop, able to meet almost any needs one might have for custom rifle works. Whidden Gunworks offers any type barrel work you may need, from setting back the chamber on one end to crowning on the other. Whidden Gunworks can also do custom fluting for your barrel and/or bolt. Whidden Gunworks manufactures and installs full bedding blocks in almost any type rifle. Full inletting is also available as well as glass bedding and stock work.

Question: What finish or finishes are available for my rifle once it is built?

Answer: Whidden Gunworks offers several final finishes on the metallic parts. Not only can we polish your rifle to a high gloss, we can also bead blast it for a more matte appearance. We also offer Cera-Kote finishing. With Cera-Kote, almost any color is possible, from tactical to standard to crazy and bizarre.
Stock finishes include clear coating on standard stocks as well as laminate stocks. We also have the capabilities to paint most automotive colors and clearcoats.

Question: Are there any special instructions for shipping my rifle to you?

Answer: When shipping a rifle to our rifle shop we ask that you ship the rifle in a hard case. If the rifle is not shipped to us in a hard case we will ship the finished rifle back to you in a new hard case and a fee of $35.00 to cover the cost of the case will be added to your bill.

It is required that when you send an action or firearm to us for a fitting or other work, that you include a letter with COMPLETE instructions of what you want us to do. Also include your NAME, RETURN SHIPPING ADDRESS & A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. Place this INSIDE THE CASE with your firearm. Without this information we cannot properly log the firearm into our records. By not including this information, it leaves us the liability in deciding from whom the weapon came. Shipping labels may be destroyed in transit and the return address to a business does no good in determining the owner of the firearm. Firearms in which the owner’s identification is unknown may have to be submitted to the BATFE for disposition.

Question: Is a deposit required and if so how much?

Answer: A deposit is usually required in the neighbourhood equal to the cost of parts needed to build the rifle.

Question: Can Whidden Gunworks build a custom rifle that fits my needs?

Answer: Whidden Gunworks suggest you decide what the rifle will be primarily used for. Once you’ve decided this, it aids in building the rifle that would best suit your needs. We will gladly build the rifle to your specs.

Question: Is Whidden Gunworks a retail dealer of suppressors?

Answer: Whidden Gunworks is a retail supplier for several suppressor manufactures.

Question: What steps must I take to purchase a Suppressor?

Answer: The first step in purchasing any suppressor is the purchase. However, the suppressor CANNOT be given to the customer until the following steps have been completed. The purchase of the suppressor is required so the serial number of the suppressor can be used on the required paperwork preceding the final steps. 1.) ATF Form 4 and all necessary paperwork must be completed and mailed to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. 2.) When the proper tax ID stamp and approval from the ATF have been received by the customer then 3.) the tax ID stamp must be submitted to the retailer for completion of sale and transfer.

Contact our Custom Rifle Dept. for any further information.
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