Ammunition Testing

Every shooter looking for top accuracy with the .22 LR cartridge knows that testing ammunition is a requirement for top performance.  You not only need to find the best product, but also the best lot number for your particular firearm.  That's where we come in.

Our goal at the Whidden Gunworks Test Range is to provide you with the best ammunition you’ve ever had.

To do this we will test your .22 LR rifle or handgun with top quality ammunition from ELEY, Lapua, Norma, RWS, and SK.  We are proud to be the first ever Test Range offering testing with all major brands of match grade ammo.  Your firearm will be secured in specially designed test fixtures and shot in an indoor range on highly accurate electronic targets.  These efforts will guarantee accurate testing with no negative outside influences like shooter error, wind, or other variables.

Important Information

Shooters, you are welcome to ship your rifle in for testing or come visit in person.  If you decide to come in person we encourage you to plan to shoot your firearm yourself. It's very rewarding to run your own test and see the results in real time.  Our staff will guide you on best practices so you get the most out of your testing.  We'll also give you plenty of information to guide your ammunition decision.

For those shipping your rifle, Whidden Gunworks staff will do the shooting.  We will email the results to you after the test is finished.  For the purchase of ELEY ammunition simply email us back and we can complete the order of the lot of your choice.  For Lapua, SK, Norma, and RWS you can go to our website to purchase the ammunition of your choice.  Please be aware that we do not hold ammunition for you after the test is complete.  We suggest you make your purchase promptly so the ammunition you want is not sold out.

ELEY has guaranteed that there will be a minimum of 15 lots of tenex available for testing.  Please note that ELEY ammunition for testing is separate from the current stock shown on our website.  As for the other brands (Lapua, SK, RWS, Norma), we cannot guarantee that any certain product from these manufacturers will be available at the time of testing.  Please click here for current availability of Lapua, SK, Norma, and RWS ammunition.


As the Official ELEY Ammunition Test Range for the US, all ELEY ammunition will be tested using the well-proven ELEY method.  With this method at least 15 lots of Tenex and/or Ultra Extreme Long Range will be tested.  A 10 round group of each lot will be shot during Phase 1.  The most accurate 6 lots will have an additional 30 shots fired for a total of 40 shots per lot for Phase 2.  You will be provided the results of the test to make your lot selection.  Initially ELEY will be tested only at 50 Meters, though we plan to add testing ELEY at 100 Meters soon.  The ammunition will be available to order through Whidden Gunworks.

For the Lapua, SK, RWS, and Norma ammunition we will offer testing of 15 lots of the available ammunition of your choice.  For example, you may choose to test top end ammo, such as Midas+, or something easier on the budget, such as SK Rifle Match, SK Standard Plus, or Norma Match. Testing of these ammunition brands will be both at 50 Meters and 100 Meters. Once the test is complete, we will provide you with the results and you can purchase the ammunition.

Scheduling Testing

Please fill out the form as completely as possible.  Having more information helps us tailor our suggestions to you, such as ammo brands that typically shoot well in your type of firearm.


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