Trim Die

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The Trim Die is designed for use with the Dillon RT1500 Electric Case Trimmer. The Trim Die comes in either .300 Blackout or .223. The .300 Blackout will trim the .223 caliber case to .300 Blackout dimensions.

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  1. cellarfellar (verified owner)

    Looks to be high quality. Great craftsmanship. I wasn’t aware the upper threaded portion of the trim die requires a unique thread patterned lock nut that doesn’t come with the die. Just be aware you will need to buy one separately before you can lock the trimmer in place. (Dillon part# 13559) . Other than that shipping was fast , despite the item being on backorder. Appreciate it!!

  2. cellarfellar (verified owner)

    Be sure to purchase upper trim die lock nut separately ( Dillon part# 13559) .

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