Click Adjustable Sizer Die Instructions


1.  With the proper shell holder for your caliber in the press ram, raise the press ram all the way up.

2.  Screw the Sizer die into the press until it just touches the shell holder, then rotate the die counter clockwise approximately 1/3 of a turn. This is your preliminary adjustment. Screw the lock ring down snug to the press but do not tighten the lock ring set screw at this point. 

3.  Install the supplied shoulder bump gauge on your calipers.  Measure your brass to determine headspace.  Note: This should be done with a fired piece of brass from the rifle you intend to reload for.   Once you have your headspace measurement you can to adjust the Sizer die downward (Clockwise) a click or two at a time to establish your desired shoulder bump. One click of adjustment will result in 0.001’’ of shoulder bump. Continue adjusting your die down until you have bumped the shoulder the desired amount. 

Note: For Bolt action rifles it is recommended that you bump the shoulders back by .002’’. For autoloaders, your shoulder bump needs to be a little more generous of around .003’’ to .004’’.

4. Now that you have your die set to desired shoulder bump, the die lock ring screw can be tightened snug.  


Installing a bushing in your Bushing Sizer Die:  Remove decapping assembly by unscrewing top plug on sizer and removing the entire assembly.  Drop in the bushing (ensure you’re installing per instructions on the card supplied by manufacturer). Re-install the decapping assembly. NOTE:  Do not over tighten top assembly plug. Allow the bushing to float as this floating action is key to prevent runout.  Check the adjustment of decapping assembly to ensure decapping pin is protruding at proper length.  Whidden Gunworks bushing dies will accept Whidden Gunworks, Redding and Wilson bushings.