Rifle Gunsmithing Services

gunsmitheryBesides building full Custom Rifles for Hunting, Competition or Tactical uses, Whidden Gunworks also offers full-service rifle gunsmithing. 

It’s good to know that the quality and precision, which goes into building competition winning and record setting rifles, is also available if you just need some specific gunsmithing work performed on your bolt action rifle.

Contact our Custom Rifle Dept. for any further information.
(229) 686-1911 Ext. 4
[email protected]

HOURLY RATESBench Labor$80.00
HOURLY RATESMachine Time$140.00
HOURLY RATESSolid Works/CAD$140.00
STOCK SERVICESPillar Bed$300.00
STOCK SERVICESInstall Bedding Block (+Block)$300.00
STOCK SERVICESInlet DBM$140.00/Hr (Min. 1Hr)
STOCK SERVICESInstall Recoil Pad (+Parts)$125.00
STOCK SERVICESPanda/2018 Stock$500.00
STOCK SERVICESBarnard/2018 Stock Install (+Block)$80.00
AR - SERVICESPin Flash Hider$75.00
AR - SERVICESEngrave NFA Item$140.00
BARREL SERVICESChamber Barrel$350.00
BARREL SERVICESThroat Chamber$125.00
BARREL SERVICESThreading While Chambering$70.00
BARREL SERVICESCut & Crown Barrel$100.00
BARREL SERVICESThread Muzzle$135.00
BARREL SERVICESThread Protector$75.00
BARREL SERVICESBead Blast Barrel$35.00
BARREL SERVICESPolish Barrel (Min Charge)$50.00
BARREL SERVICESFlute Barrel$150.00
BARREL SERVICESReamer Rental$75.00
ACTION SERVICESTrue Action (No Bergara)$125.00
ACTION SERVICESPin Recoil Lug$100.00
ACTION SERVICESThread Bolt Handle (+Knob)$75.00
ACTION SERVICESInstall & Adjust Trigger$50.00
ACTION SERVICESBed Bases to Action$50.00
ACTION SERVICESDrill & Tap Action$100.00
ACTION SERVICESWeld Bolt Handle$250.00
ACTION SERVICESInstall M-16 Extractor (+Parts)$200.00
ACTION SERVICESLap Scope Rings$70.00
ACTION SERVICESInstall B/A into Chassis$60.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEAssembly/Disassembly$75.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEAction Only$100.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEBarrel Only$75.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEBarreled Action$175.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEBarreled Action + Hardware$225.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEMuzzle Brake Only$20.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEMagazine Only$30.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEHardware Only$50.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEScope Rings$40.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEThread Protector$20.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEStock One Color$165.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEStock Add Per Color$45.00
RIFLE CERAKOTEStencil Fee$20/Hr. (Min. 1Hr.)
AR CERAKOTEAR Complete One Color$350.00
AR CERAKOTEAR Complete Add Per Color$45.00
AR CERAKOTESmall Part One Color$75.00
HANDGUN CERAKOTEOne Color Complete$175.00
HANDGUN CERAKOTESlide Only Complete$100.00
HANDGUN CERAKOTEFrame Only Complete$100.00
SHOTGUN CERAKOTEStripped One Color$225.00
SUPPRESSOROne Color$75.00