Pride in our work, plus proven experience equals a custom rifle that is unsurpassed in quality and precision.

In addition to a full line of rifle gunsmithing services for bolt action rifles, Whidden Gunworks also builds complete rifles. Many custom Whidden Gunworks rifles have proven to be winners in major competitions in many classes, as well as being national record-holding rifles.

With over ten years of winning long range competitions (600 to 1000 yards) under his belt, owner John Whidden has learned over time, what it takes to build a rifle capable of consistently winning, even when 250 shooters are vying for the trophy.

All of his long range precision rifle knowledge and proven techniques he’s learned and mastered, go into every rifle he builds for hunting, competition, or tactical rifles. Many of the rifles can be “crossovers”, meaning they can serve the shooter in more than their primary role. They all come with a 3/4 MOA elevation guarantee at 1000 yards, with suitable hand loads. How well they shoot as far as windage, is up to the shooter’s ability to “dope and cope” with changing wind conditions at extreme range.

If your shooting ability is up to the task, let Whidden Gunworks build you a rifle capable of dropping game at long range, winning national matches, or setting new records.

Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your dreams and desires for an extreme precision rifle, for tactical, competition, or hunting use.

(229) 686-1911 option 4
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 Custom Rifle FAQs

Rifles We've Built

.22 LR

Action: PQP 2500x
Barrel: Mullerworks 8 groove
Trigger: Anschutz
Stock: Tec-Hro Fanatic
Tuner: Uptagrafft Tuner Bloop Tube

30 Nosler (For Sale)

Action: Kelbly's Atlas Tactical Action
Barrel: Bartlein Barrel .308 #4, 1-10, 28"
Trigger: TriggerTech Rem 700 Special
Stock: AG Composites Alpine Hunter
Scope: Swarovski X5i
Bottom Metal: Hawkins Rem LA Hunter DBM
Magazine: Hawkins Rem LA Flush Mag .300 PRC/Nosler
Muzzle Brake: Whidden Gunworks Predator Muzzle BrakeTo make this gun yours contact us at [email protected] or 229-686-1911 option 4.

7mm PRC

Action: Kelbly's Nanook Long Action
Barrel: PROOF Research Sendero .284-8
Trigger: TriggerTech Rem 700 Diamond
Muzzle Brake: TI PRO 4 Titanium Muzzle Brake
Stock: AG Carbon All Terrain

6 Dasher

Action: Impact 737R
Barrel: Bartlein 6mm, 1-75, 1.250
Trigger: Bix-N-Andy TacSport Pro Two-Stage
Stock: Foundation Samson
Scope: Zero Compromise 840
Suppressor: Area 419 Maverick
Suppressor Cover: Armageddon Gear
Bottom Metal: Hawkins DBM
Scope Mount: Hawkins One Piece

.308 WIN

Action: Terminus Zeus Quick Charge
Barrel: Proof Sendero CF 308
Chassis: XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium
Trigger: TriggerTech Special
Muzzle Brake: Hawkins Tank ST
Bipod: MDT GRND Pod