A great article on pointing bullets.

Bullet Pointing Die System

A bullet pointing die is a die used to make a sharper point on a bullet. By doing this, we have made the bullet fly more efficiently resulting in less drop and wind drift.

Have you ever wondered why the hole in the front of the bullet is so big? Why can’t it be made more pointed? The solution to this lies in the bullet pointing die. Who can benefit from this? Pretty much every rifle shooter who shoots at longer ranges.

The Bullet Pointing Die System comes with your choice of one insert, one sleeve and a standard base. For help choosing your “Die Insert”, use the chart linked below. If you desire to point bullets in more than one caliber, you will need separate sleeves for each caliber. When you are finished making your selections, complete the checkout process and we'll have the die on it's way and you on the road to greater accuracy!

Congratulations!! Your one step away from experiencing this revolutionary product for yourself.