Decap Assembly

Whidden Gunworks offers our Decapping Assembly as an individual product. The assembly comes with the long tapered Expander Ball and includes the Standard Decapping Pin. Our Expander Balls work well when expanding the neck of the case to the desired size. Most calibers are available from .20 to .375/.408. Our decap assemblies will work with our standard and custom dies.

Decap Pin 5 Pack

Whidden Gunworks has three different sizes of decapping pins, depending on the age of the die and the cartridge.

The most current pin is the Standard Pin, 3/64" diameter (.047") and straight, and is used on all cartridges (except .375 CT) and all primer and flash hole sizes.

Previously, we used the Large Pin, a 1/16" diameter striaght pin (.0625").

The third version has a step and is .0625" on one end and .052" on the other and is referred to as the Stepped Pin. The stepped pin is needed for use with .375 CT.

Decap Rods

Since you never know when a decap rod will break or wear out, it never hurts to have a replacement on hand. Whidden Gunworks offers four different size decap rods to fit your needs. Sizes include .17 cal.-.22 cal., 6mm-6.5mm, 7mm-.338 cal. and .375 cal.-408 cal.

These rods use our Standard Straight Pin, 3/64" diameter (.047"). This pin is used on all cartridges (except .375 CT) and all primer and flash hole sizes. If you have our old style stepped pin, please give us a call for replacement decap rods.