Bullet Pointing Die FAQs


Question: What is a bullet pointing die? 

A bullet pointing die is a die used to more sharply point the meplat (tip) of a bullet. Although it is typically used on Hollow Point match bullets to significantly close the size of the hole in the meplat, it can be used on lead tipped hunting bullets for the same purpose. This process dramatically helps the aerodynamics. Remember that if this hole can be closed to half of its original diameter, the area of that hole is only one fourth of its original size.

Question: How much BC will I gain by pointing bullets?

This depends on several variables, but typically about .035-.040 points for a 6mm 105gr. VLD. Bullets with larger meplats will benefit more than those with smaller meplats. Smaller diameter bullets will benefit more than larger bullets. For example, a .224 80 grain bullet shot at 1000 yards from a .223 Remington benefits greatly.

Question: How much higher will my bullets impact at 1000 yards?

About .75 to 1.5 Minutes of Angle is typical for a VLD bullet.

Question: Will pointing bullets replace the need to trim meplats?

Pointing bullets will often reduce the severity of ragged meplats. This is simply because we have made the irregularities smaller. Our testing shows that we do get less elevation on the target by pointing bullets, so some shooters have replaced trimming the meplat with the pointing process. For maximum possible consistency of BC, we suggest pointing the bullet and then trimming it slightly.

Question: Can I damage a bullet by pointing it?

If the die is improperly adjusted, it will cause a bulge in the bullet just below the point. We provide sample bullets with the die to show the right and wrong ways to point. Surprisingly, the testing of bullets that were not properly pointed has not shown a reduction in accuracy.

Question: What do I need to point bullets?

Besides our pointing die, you will need any standard reloading press and a shellholder appropriate for the .308 Winchester. A sizing lubricant such as Imperial Die Wax is helpful.

Question: Can I point more than one caliber of bullets?

Yes, all you will need is an additional caliber sleeve to do another caliber. The caliber sleeve is easily changed.

Question: How slow is the pointing process?

You can point bullets at about the same rate as you can size brass cases.

Question: Is the die hard to set up?

No, the setup is much like that of a micrometer bullet seating die.