Bleiker ISSF/CISM Rifle 6mm BR

$ 3,950.00

Available for sale is this Bleiker ISSF/CISM rifle. This rifle was formerly owned by the Army Marksmanship Unit. The stickers on the stock are equipment control stickers from international matches. Each sticker represents an international match where the rifle passed the rules check and was cleared for competition.

The AMU shop installed the current barrel and it is chambered in 6mm BR. The rifle’s action and 10 round magazines were designed expressly for this cartridge and so it feeds like a dream. Two magazines will be provided with the rifle.

The fully adjustable stock and two stage trigger meet ISSF Standard Rifle as well as ClSM rules. The bolt has been TiN coated at Bleiker for silky smooth operation. It has three locking lugs and a 60 degree throw for fast operation.

Bleiker rifles set the standard for quality and accuracy. If anyone has doubts about this look at recent results of 50M events at ISSF matches and Bleiker’s dominance will be seen. It is very rare that one of their centerfire rifles comes available for sale so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

For more information contact John at Whidden Gunworks 229-686-1911



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