Zero Compromise ZC570 5-27×56 10Mil MPCT2X Scope

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The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 is 387mm (15.24 inches) long, weighs only 1122g, and reaches 35 mil in elevation adjustment and at 20 mil¬ in windage adjustment.

Among all other optics in this magnification range, a very generous field of view of 7m / 100 meters (21ft/100Yds) results in one of the widest in the industry. Outstanding light transmission and exceptional resolution are just two attributes of the best optical design ever developed, perfectly complementing the very best mechanical properties in the industry.

Our goal is not to just build riflescopes. We strive to build the absolute best riflescopes in the world! We don’t skimp on quality, we simply use the best materials and techniques to create the scope you’ve always dreamed of.

More information about the Zero Compromise ZC420 scope can be found here.

More information about the Zero Compromise MPCT2X reticle can be found here.


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