6mm Dasher Starter Kit

Get what you need to jump into 6mm Dasher loading all in one kit and save 10% when you bundle. See what all the buzz if about and start loading this great caliber for yourself.


• Your Choice of Standard Dies
• 100 Pieces of Lapua 6mm BR Norma Brass
• 6mm Dasher Hydraulic Form Die
• 6mm Dasher Case Gauge

We can only ship brass to a US address. If you are a international customer, simply edit the brass and choose “No 6mm BR Norma Brass”.



There is no doubt that 6mm Dasher is one of the most successful wildcats ever. Of course it has shed that title and has become a popular choice for many competition shooters. If you have thought more than once about getting started with the 6mm Dasher but didn’t know where to begin, then this is the kit for you. This kit includes your choice of a standard die in any of our available configurations. Once you make your choice on the Standard Die, we round out the kit with a 100 piece box of Lapua 6 BR Norma Brass, a 6mm Dasher Hydraulic Form Die and a 6mm Dasher Case Gauge. Get the reloading tools and brass you need to begin your 6mm Dasher journey all in one kit. Plus, get the added benefit of a price discount! You can’t beat that!


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