Seater Stems (Bullet Specific)

$ 27.00

Choosing a stem specifically for the bullet you plan to use will eliminate marking the ogive of the bullet and minimize variation in seating depth.

When ordering additional stems for your Whidden Gunworks Dies, if you are unsure of the correct length for your specific caliber, please reference the stem that was included with your dies and order the same length.

Should you not find your preferred bullet on our list, we can even custom make a seater stem to your bullet.  Order your Custom Seater Stem here.

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Whidden Gunworks has now developed a system to match our seater stem shape exactly to the bullets handloaders are using.  Our Seating Dies include a seating stem that we’ve designed to work well with a wide range of bullets.  However there is now a chance to optimize bullet seating and eliminate marking the bullets while seating through the use of our bullet specific seater stems.

The Bullet Specific Seater Stems are not for use with the Simple Seater.

Our list of Standard Seating Stems for each caliber. Unless specified otherwise, this is the list of stems that ship standard with our Micrometer Seating Dies and Arbor Seater Dies.


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