Universal Click Adjustable Lock Ring

Recently we introduced our Click Adjustable Sizing Die and it has met with great success. We have received a flood of calls asking if previously purchased Whidden Gunworks Sizers can be modified to be Click Adjustable and the answer was no until now. With our Universal Click Adjustable Lock Ring (Patent No: 10,393,488) you can instantly turn your sizer die into a Click Adjustable Die. Our ring works with any 7/8 OD sizer of any brand with adjustable shoulder bump. Simple in design the inner and outer ring can rotate independently of each other. Each click is metered in true 1 thousandths adjustment and has .100’’ total available travel. Those loading for two rifles with different headspace can easily optimize the shoulder bump for each rifle.  

We have also been asked if this lock ring will work with a seating die. All Whidden Gunworks Seater dies are Micrometer Adjustable however other Seaters that are not micrometer adjustable will benefit from this lock rings adjustable design. Even the simplest seater dies are now easy to adjust for different bullets or easily adjusted for testing different seating depths.