Click Adj. Bushing FL Sizer + Bushing Kit

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This bundle combines our Click Adjustable Bushing FL Sizing Die and our Bushing Kit.

Shoulder setback is easier that ever before with our Click Adjustable Dies. Each click moves the shoulder bump .001” so you can easily find the exact shoulder bump that you desire. Our Click Adjustable Bushing FL Sizing Die is built for precise, consistent OAL handloads, the internals of our sizing dies are designed to keep your rounds… Round. Our hand-polished sizer die has a shorter OAL for better shoulder bump-back, a smaller base, and tighter internal tolerances. Comes in a hard shell die box and includes a shoulder bump gauge and pin retainer.

Our bushing kits give you five of the most often recommended neck bushings for each caliber. This convenient kit will put you on the right track to getting the correct neck size out of your reloaded brass.


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