Click Adjustable FL Bushing Sizer

$ 171.99

*Bushing not included. Click here for bushing selection guide.

Included with the Click Adjustable Sizer Die is a Shoulder Bump Gauge. This gauge attaches to standard calipers and allows measurement from the case shoulder to the base. Using the Shoulder Bump Gauge with the Click Adjustable Sizer Die will make the proper sizer die setup easier than ever before.

Click Adjustable Die Instructions

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  1. fredpaezii (verified owner)

    6.5 Creedmoor Click Adjustable FL Bushing Sizer – So easy to set up and adjust, FYI – my brass has +/- wall thickness of .0005 – .001. Final bullet runout was +/- .0015 average. Hornady once fired brass from American Gunner ammo and reloaded with Berger Hunting VLD 140 Gr. Follow the written and video instructions and you will not have any issues. I was up and running in approx. 15 minutes and the addition of the Bump Gauge is a tremendous value and help. I have a dial caliper and once fired brass was measured and result written down. Adjusted the die per instructions and two clicks later was -0.002 for my bolt gun. Thanks Whidden for an outstanding die.

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