Click Adjustable Bushing Full Length Die Set

$ 314.99

*Bushing not included. Click here for bushing selection guide.

Included with the Click Adjustable Sizer Die is a Shoulder Bump Gauge. This gauge attaches to standard calipers and allows measurement from the case shoulder to the base. Using the Shoulder Bump Gauge with the Click Adjustable Sizer Die will make the proper sizer die setup easier than ever before.

Click Adjustable Die Instructions


  1. Hockeystar1507416 (verified owner)

    Fantastic dies, I have the 6.5 creedmoor set. The attention to detail is impeccable. The interior of the sizing die is polished to a mirror sheen and the brass doesn’t get marked up while sizing. The click adjustments on the sizing die makes it very easy to set the shoulder back in a repeatable manor. The included shoulder bump gauge is a very nice touch not included in other die sets
    The seating die is very well made, with large easy to read micrometer settings and seats the bullet in the case with minimal runout. Another nice feature included is a second seating stem. One for VLD projectiles and the other is for standard bullets.
    Thank you for a great product. Looking forward to picking up additional die sets in the future.


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