Multi-Purpose Overall Length Gauge

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With the Multi-Purpose Overall Length Gauge attached to your Calipers any standard bushing can be used to measure the length of your loaded round from ogive, fired or unfired case length from Datum line or length of individual bullets from ogive. By simply replacing the bushing the combinations are endless. Inserts from the Hornady Bullet Comparator will also fit this gauge. Now designed with a longer form factor to accommodate up to .375 cal. bullets such as those made by Cutting Edge and Lehigh.

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The Multi-Purpose Overall Length Gauge is a very versatile and handy tool to have on your reloading bench. The gauge can be used to measure the length of your loaded round from the ogive. It can be used to measure fired or unfired brass from the Datum line. It can also be used to measure or compare individual bullets from the ogive. All you need is a set of Calipers and any number of our standard bushings for your calibers.




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