Bushing Full Length Die Set

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  1. Mark G

    These are very well made dies. I am very happy with them. I had a small problem with mine, I use a Forrester Co-Ax press, the bullet seating die did not have enough adjustment to give me a long enough COAL. I contacted Whidden gunworks and got an imediate response. They told me that they have 2 different length seating stems.They agreed to send me the one I needed. I am very impressed with there excellent customer service!

  2. Bob Marshall

    I currently own over 100 different sets of dies and the Whidden dies are hands down the the best finished and best adjustments and by for the best markings on the bullet seater die..Even these old eyes can see them. they also include a shoulder bump die just make us all happy. I plan to have way more of them in the future. I bought the 6mm Creedmoor dies. Just spend the money and you will never regret it. HCM

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