Universal Click Adjustable Lock Ring

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The Universal Click Adjustable Lock Ring fits both standard and co-ax presses.

Please Note: The Universal Click Adjustable Lock Ring is not compatible with the Dillon Floating Toolhead.

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  1. Donld Davis (verified owner)

    I have two universal click adjustable rings. They work great on standard presses. Unfortunately I just bought a new Co-Ax (set it up today) and they will not fit the Co-Ax die holder. I will probably by a couple more next week that are set up specifically for the Co-Ax.

    I also have three click adjustable sizer dies…. they are truly phenomenal! They make die setup a breeze. They fit both standard and Co-Ax presses.

    Finally, I also have a micrometer seating die…. as good as any other that I have and better than many.

    Don Davis

  2. Donld Davis (verified owner)

    I received my Co-Ax Universal Click Adjustable Ring. Works like a champ! Just what I expected!

  3. AlbertK1 (verified owner)

    Not only are they useful on reloading dies, but it’s the cat’s meow on the Giraud Power Trimmer Case Holders.

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