Why Do I Need The Hydraulic Form Die?

The Whidden Gunworks Hydraulic Form Die was developed to allow forming of many wildcat cartridges without having to "fireform" the brass by shooting it in the firearm. The Hydraulic Form Die minimizes body taper and maximizes shoulder angel for calibers such as the Ackley Improved (AI) cases and many of the wildcat cartridges. After the case is formed a slight radius will develop on the shoulder of the case. (See pic). Forming of the case can become more complete using a sizing die to set the newly formed shoulder back about .010". After this step is taken the new case will be ready for loading.

Hydraulic Form Die

Whidden Gunworks is capable of manufacturing custom hydraulic form dies. Hydraulic form dies are used in reconfiguring the original shape of a given case from a standard common caliber into calibers such as the Ackley Improved calibers, 6mm Dasher, 6XC and other nonstandard wildcat calibers. The hydraulic form die is also used on cartridges that are blown out or have a sharper shoulder angle than the parent case. Whidden Gunworks has the capability to manufacture almost any caliber die you need.

Just as with our custom die sets, there are a couple of methods used to manufacture the hydraulic die you need. If possible, send the schematic print of the reamer used to cut the chamber in your rifle. If that is not readily available, send three (3) unsized fired cases from the rifle and these can be used as well, or you can do both. Should you send fired cases, an average measurement of the cases will be used to cut the hydraulic die.

UPDATE: We are now stocking 6 Dasher Hydraulic Form Dies. Orders can be placed by adding to your cart on the left side of this page. If you need a Hydro Form Die in another caliber, please visit our Custom Die Order Page to place your order.

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