Whidden Gunworks Custom Die

Lead time for Custom dies is currently averaging 10-14 weeks from the time we receive your brass or print.

Custom Die Ordering

  1. Input your caliber in the box below.
  2. Select Your desired die size. (If Caliber is greater than .338 Bushing Dies will have to be 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″)
  3. Select from the available die for that size. (When choosing a Non-Bushing Sizer Die be sure to select standard or custom neck dimensions.)
  4. Indicate if you will be providing a reamer print or three pieces of fired brass.

    If the base diameter of your brass is over .590 you will need either a 1.25" or 1.5" die. A 7/8" die will not work.

    Enter exact desired custom neck dimensions in box below.

    For reference, these are our standard neck dimensions found here.

    Please Note

    To determine the neck diameter in a Custom Non Bushing Sizer we recommend the following formula

    Average bullet diameter + Brass neck thickness (number x 2) - .003 thousandths = ?

    Applied to a 6mm Creedmoor 

    .243 +.014 x 2 (.028) = .271 - .003 = .268   .268 would be the sizing hole diameter

    Note: Ensure you measure the brass neck thickness not the neck diameter for this formula.

    Don't forget to select your reamer print file for upload using the "Choose File" button below! 

    Upload Reamer Print

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    Email Reamer Print

    Reamer Print Statement:

    Custom dies are best made using three pieces of fired brass from your rifles chamber. We can use a reamer print to produce the dies however, if the dies are manufactured and are not compatible with your rifles chamber, Whidden Gunworks will NOT be responsible for replacement dies or refund.

    Mail Fired Brass To:

    Whidden Gunworks
    Attn: Custom Die Dept
    2264 Mark Watson Road

    Nashville, GA 31639

    *Please include your order number or a copy of your receipt with your brass.


    When purchasing a Custom Seater Die, if the bullet you are using has a "Tight Seal Band" please indicate this in the notes below and include the bullet's dimensions at the "Tight Seal Band".
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